Our Mission.

Our sole aim is to be a consumer loyal company and to act in the best interest of the consumer at all times. With the ever growing complex nature of applying for credit and all the various aspects that credit providers look at one can often be left feeling overwhelmed . We At Easy Finance Company aim to address those needs by offering the very latest and cutting edge loan products that best suites your needs as well as our technical know how on motivating applications which can drastically improve your chances of qualifying for credit.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to the be the number one financial service provider in South Africa and to provide and efficient and easy to use service. We also aim to bring you among the best loan products in the industry even if you have bad credit or not. We aim to provide a superior service with accurate and up to date information. We are always willing to go the extra mile to assist our customers in any way we can . To foster better industry standards to the benefit of consumer by consulting and working together with the various key industry members and credit providers on the needs of our consumers, to bring you better and more apt loan products.

Apply for a quick and easy personal loan today by completing our online application form .When one goes online searching for a loan a very popular phrase used is blacklisted loans. You will find a vast number of companies and options whom use this phrase and it can be quite overwhelming to the consumer. Not knowing where to apply or whom to apply with can leave one feeling stressed and anxious. We at Easy Finance Company aim to address those needs by bringing your the very latest in alternate financial products. Trying to get a personal loan can be quite a daunting task if you have any type of bad credit. Some companies and banks will not grant a loan in the event that you do not have a good credit record. Luckily there are private credit providers whom use less strict Criteria and will still grant a loan to you even if you have a less then perfect credit record.

" Easy Finance Company are Direct loan Brokers with 10 years of industry experience, we deal directly with various private credit providers and also facilitate the application process from start to end. Your information is NOT passed on to any 3rd party other then the credit providers themselves" Click here today to complete our quick and easy online application form.